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SevenFriday Watches for Men

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About SevenFriday Timepieces for Men

SevenFriday watches are timepieces that are eye-catching yet tasteful and attractive. It’s the first thing people notice about your ensemble. It’s your statement piece. SevenFriday watches are quite the conversation starter. From the engine inspired V3/01 to the steampunk industrial look of the P2B/01, SevenFriday has a watch for you. SevenFriday has a unique approach to telling time that sets it apart from the crowd. Instead of the traditional twelve number clock face that you are used to seeing, SevenFriday has a series of gauges. There is the hour gauge, which shows 0-4, which is used in addition to an inner dial which shows +0, +4, or +8. The number shown on the inner dial is added to the number shown on the hour gauge. In other words, when +0 on the inner dial lines up with the number 1 on the hour gauge, it is 1 o’clock; when +4 lines up with the 1 on the hour gauge, it’s 5 o’clock; and when +8 lines up with the number 1, it’s 9 o’clock. The hand on this watch face acts as a traditional minute hand with the minutes marked on the outer ring as you are used to seeing. It even sports a day/night indicator dial to let you know a.m. and p.m.

Luxury & Innovative features at an Affordable Price

A truly practical feature of this watch is the Fast Strap Change. When it comes time to change the strap on your watch, all it takes is a soft-ended tool to push the buttons on the left side of the case, and the straps can be easily removed. Swapping out the old straps for new ones can be done in under a minute with little effort. In the back of the watch, there is an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip that can help you verify the authenticity of your watch. This is accomplished by downloading a certain app then scanning the watch to make sure that it is indeed a SevenFriday. SevenFriday has a reliable Japanese Miyota movement and is a solid watch that has put luxury within reach. The bottom line is, SevenFriday watches are unique, eye-catching watches that you can have for an affordable price.