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About Klokers Timepieces for Men & Women

Hailing from the land famous for its expertly manufactured clocks and watches, Klokers are always designed and produced in Switzerland as a guarantee of craftsmanship. Their unisex watches are unassuming, sophisticated accessories that offset the outfits of both men and women. Klokers encourage all its users to reconnect with the world around them and switch off. They believe in a less complex existence that focuses more on what matters and less on racing against the clock to get things done. With their design that reconnects the past with the future, their watches aim to create a space of timelessness for everyone who carries one of their pieces with them. Priding themselves on the delicate balance between style and functionality, Klokers bring people high-quality timepieces that double as a fashion statement. Simplistic yet customizable, it's never been easier to embrace minimalism and individuality at the same time.

A unique design

Perhaps the most striking feature about any Klokers watch is their unconventional face. Designed as a more accessible and fuss-free way of telling the time, they don't fit neatly into either modern or retro styles. Rather, they're a distinct combination between the two, feeling familiar but innovative simultaneously. Three discs rotate to indicate the time along a vertical line, inviting its users to value time even amongst the fast pace of an ever-moving modern world. Taking influence from the mathematical circular slide rule, Klokers' timekeeping is a fresh, logical reimagining of watch design.

Traditionally, watches can only be worn on one's wrist, but Klokers looks to add more versatility to their products. Every watch has the same fixing key, meaning they're all compatible with the range of straps on offer. Easily affix your watch head to your pocket, notebook, desk, or bag. Your Klokers watch can be anything you want it to be depending on your plans for the day or personal preferences. Each strap also comes in a seemingly unlimited set of styles, colors, patterns, and materials. The simple clip mechanism means changing your style is a breeze and there's no need to enlist the help of a specialist to change it. Although this unisex range of watches features subdued, earthy tones, brighter, more vibrant accessories can be swapped in at any time should you feel like it. Browse the collection today and find the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself.