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GaGá Milano Watches for Women

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About Gagà Milano Timepieces for Women

A modern woman or man, who is versatile and stylish, is precisely the type of person Ruben Tomella had in mind when he founded GaGà Milano. The Milanese native lives and breathes his brand, which he named after a word often used in Milanese dialect - 'gaga' describes a man who is refined and dainty in both style and manner. Ruben began to pursue his dream of making watches at only 14 years old. He put in the hours at his father's watchmaking factory in Crema, and started selling jewelry and other watch brands at his jewelry shop in 2000. His dream to create his own brand came true in 2004, when he finally began to sell timepieces under the GaGà Milano name. With his dream finally coming to pass, Ruben began setting up exclusive luxury shops in cities all over Italy, and soon expanded to the global market. GaGà Milano is no stranger to cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, including Shanghai and Qingdao. Ruben's hard work, creativity and will to take high risks has made his childhood vision a reality, and his love for watchmaking is evident in the beautiful and creative masterpieces he designs.

Colorful & Lively Timepieces

Ruben's vision for his watches has always been to take the simple pocket watch and modernise it for the wrist and the 21st century, a feat he has been able to accomplish successfully. He has a colorful, lively style, and all his women's watches have generous loops and oversized Arabic numerals. Each has a crown at the 12 o'clock mark on the face of the watch. GaGà Milano's watches are an artistic and practical triumph, and they are made using state of the art materials, ensuring they maintain their refinement and beauty throughout the years. With their charming yet robust quality, there is no denying that GaGà Milano is the perfect watch for today's modern woman. Also striving for the very best quality, GaGà Milano opened Manufacture GaGà S.A., which is located in Switzerland. Here, the brand can oversee the research, quality control, design, and production of both complicated and mechanical watches. This step was inspired by the brand's desire to use prestigious Swiss movements, and has secured its place in the highly-regarded Swiss watch Olympus.