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GaGá Milano Watches for Men

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About GaGà Milano Timepieces for Men

GaGà Milano was founded in 2004 by Ruben Tomella, a Milanese native who named the brand after a popular Italian expression: gaga. Used in the past to describe a stylish and refined man, the brand is renowned for designing sophisticated timepieces. Ruben started creating watches at just 14 years old, working long hours at his father's Crema watchmaking factory. Opening his first jewelry shop in 2000, his watchmaking dream became a reality just four years later when he began to sell timepieces under the GaGà Milano name. In a short space of time, Ruben achieved international success, opening exclusive stores in cities all over Italy, as well as Asia, America and Oceania. His hard work and passion to reinvent classic watchmaking with color and originality has ensured the brand’s success on a global scale.

Merging classical and futuristic styles

GaGà Milano's watches for men are made using state of the art materials, showcasing excellent consistency of design. With an unmistakable style, each GaGà Milano watch is equipped with generous loops, Arabic numerals and a crown set of 12. Like Ruben’s other accessories and leather goods, these men’s watches offer the stylish and creative features which make the brand truly unique. Always aiming for the very best quality, the company has opened Manufacture GaGà S.A. in Switzerland. Here, the team oversees the quality control, research, production and design of their timepieces, including the assembly of the Depa 98 Mechanism, which was specifically created for GaGà Milano. To guarantee its efficiency, the mechanism undergoes constant controls. This move was inspired by Ruben’s desire to implement Swiss movements in the watches, and has secured GaGà Milano’s place in the Swiss watch Olympus.

Men's GaGà Milano watches are the opposite of traditional, and their over-sized faces, surrealist designs and excellent materials make them popular around the world. The brand is always on the lookout for innovative technical solutions and materials, and diamonds have been used in their watches to bring their collections to life, merging futuristic visions with classical styles. The Brazilian footballer and Paris Saint-Germain forward, Neymar Jr., is an ambassador of the brand, and GaGà Milano's 2017 communication plan featured a capsule collection dedicated to him.