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FOB Paris Watches for Women

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About FOB Paris Timepieces for Women

FOB Paris was founded in 2012 by three high school friends; Laurent Aziz, Aurelian Caron, and Sari Hajji. Having always envisioned doing something together, they decided to delve into watchmaking almost a decade after graduating college with engineering degrees. Apart from watches, FOB Paris also creates metallic and leather cuffs, pendants, and necklaces. The unique FOB Paris necklaces can carry different sized pocket watches as pedants. As the name suggests, FOB Paris watches are manufactured in France. All the watches are made in Besançon, where they are assembled by hand in a family workshop passed down over four generations. According to the three founders, FOB Paris does not just create timepieces to solely tell the time, but as a physical representation of time itself.

Made with the Modern-Day Woman in Mind

Women’s FOB Paris watches are fitted with sapphire glass and are made from stainless steel that is treated with the highest quality PVD. The sapphire allows for color variations to complement the steel and give the watches an exquisite feel. The luxury feel allows women to keep track of time while maintaining a stylish look, and the multiple color variations gives you a wide array of choices to suit your specific tastes. The three founders combine their creativity to come up with the finest and most unique designs that cannot be found elsewhere. To maintain their reputation and uphold their unique design promise, the trio appreciates that the design phase is the most important. For this reason, they ensure they all agree on the designs before moving forward to the next stage. It takes about six months to create a new model and this, according to the trio, gives them enough time to perfect the design so that the final product is elegant and beautiful. This ensures that all of their watches are not only unique but have well thought out features which are carefully placed and perfectly finished.

FOB Paris watches for women come with a two-year warranty to cater for any damages and defects that may arise within two years from the date of purchase. Once you detect a defect, ensure that you take the watch to a FOB Paris workshop. There are a number of workshops located all around the globe, including Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, and Shanghai