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FOB Paris Watches for Men

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FOB Paris Timepieces for Men

FOB Paris watches, just as the name suggests, originate from and are assembled in France. The company was founded by three engineers who were high school friends: Sari Hajji, Laurent Aziz, and Aurelian Caron. Apart from watches, FOB Paris also creates other accessories such as leather cuffs, metal cuffs, necklaces, and pendants. According to the three founders, the most important, and most difficult, thing to master in watchmaking is the design. Sari states it takes almost six months to settle on the final technical design, and for the three founders, it is critical that they all agree on the design at every stage of the process. The three FOB Paris designers develop watches for both men and women. Men’s FOB Paris watches encapsulate masculine style and sophistication perfectly.

Features & Collections

Watches by FOB Paris are made using stainless steel and are treated with high-quality PVD. They can also include other unconventional materials such as feathers and fur. The timepieces by FOB Paris are equipped with both automatic and solar mechanisms, and all are fitted with sapphire glass. The straps are either made of steel or genuine leather, and most FOB Paris watches have a power reserve of four months. FOB Paris make signature pieces ranging from pocket watches to wrist watches. There are exclusive pieces released under the Time Capsules collection, which are revealed each season. Other collections include Legacy, which features a selection of vintage-inspired pocket watches brought right into the 21st century, and Neo Classic, offering traditional wristwatches with a distinctly sophisticated design. Featuring mostly monochrome and neutral tones, FOB Paris watches are the perfect accessory for the suave gentleman, whether being worn at classy events or on day to day outings.