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CT Scuderia Watches for Men

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About CT Scuderia Timepieces for Men

CT Scuderia watches are dubbed the Italian racing watches because of their design, which imitates the dashboard, or the speedometer, of classic racing bikes and cars from the mid-twentieth century. The founder, who is also the principal designer of these watches, Enrico Margaritelli, was a lover of the sport and a motorcycle racer during his prime years. He carried his love for bikes and racing cars into watchmaking when he founded CT Scuderia. Apart from his love for motorcycles and racing in general, Enrico spent his life in Italy surrounded by some of the world’s greatest watchmakers - perhaps the major motivation and reason behind why he decided to create his own watches. CT Scuderia watches are preferred by elite racing enthusiasts, as they help integrate the designs of a racing car or bike into fashion. From curves and fine lines to craftsmanship and intricate details, Enrico Margaritelli shares his family legacy with the world one watch face at a time.

Outstanding features

All CT Scuderia watches come with both quartz and mechanical movements. New watches are protected by the 2-year warranty that a new owner is issued with upon purchase. The warranty covers only the first two years and it is thus advised that, in case your watch requires repairs after the warranty period is over, you ensure that you take it to a professional as they are quite sophisticated and require careful and experienced hands to repair. Popular models include the CT Scuderia 2 Tempi, which has carbon fiber dials and uses Ronda Swiss movement. The CT Scuderia Corsa, which is made using stainless steel and bears a brown strap made of genuine leather is another firm favorite for men, as is the CT Scuderia Delphi, with a strap made from natural genuine leather and completed with a classic buckle.

Experimenting with unusual patterns and shapes

The clean lines of CT Scuderia men's watches are inspired by Enrico's enthusiasm for experimenting with unusual lines, patterns and shapes. The leather straps also utilize the same leather used in luxury sports cars, and are handmade in Switzerland. The crown and pushers on CT Scuderia watches are always positioned at 12 o'clock, and the case is a handmade piece of art. CT Scuderia was one of the first watch houses to acquire the RONDA 3520D movement.