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Briston Watches for Men

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About Briston Timepieces for Men

Briston is a French brand created by Brice Jaunet, who founded the company in 2013. Brice Jaunet is considered a leader in the watch industry, having worked with renowned watch designers - including Richemont, Maume, Mercier and Zenith - for 15 years prior to starting his own company. He designs and delivers fine watches by combining retro British and Swiss styles. Brice was driven by the legacy of his grandfather, who was the co-founder of NewMan, as well as his strong entrepreneurial spirit. The Briston brand reflects his research, thoughts and personality, bringing together a number of his Swiss designer acquaintances.

An alumni of Oxford University, Brice used his experiences to design timepieces that represent his passion for travel and sport. A number of Briston's watches replicate the style found on cricket pitches and polo fields, and his quirky spirit can be seen throughout Briston's watches for men. Many of Briston's watches come with either a 20mm or an 18mm wide strap, made with water resistant materials and bold colors. There are several designs for men, including the Clubmaster Classic collection and the Clubmaster Sport collection. Utilizing leather or nylon interchangeable straps, the Classic collection is perfect for a man with a very strong sense of style - with high-quality materials and cellulose or steel acetate, these watches are both eye-catching and resilient.

Briston works in partnership with an Italian supplier for their cellulose acetate: a raw material made using 70% cotton fibers which are natural and hypoallergenic. The NATO nylon straps, originally developed by the British Ministry of Defense, reinforce the vintage and effortless chic of these watches. The Clubmaster Sport collection is instantly recognizable, and the 42mm case makes these watches perfect for lovers of larger engines. Some of the models also feature a tachymeter scale and a day/date window to complete their very sporty aesthetic. The Clubmaster Vintage collection, on the other hand, is inspired by Brice's time at university, and stand-out features of the collection include chronographs as well as a modern and retro aesthetic.