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Briston Men's Watch Straps

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Briston Men's Watch Straps

Just a few short years ago, Brice Jaunet decided it was time to put his decade and a half of watchmaking experience to good use. Inspired by his grandfather, and having worked across the world in many of the leading companies in this field, he joined Swiss designer friends to create Briston. Their aim was to craft a truly contemporary yet chic product. Combining their inherited and acquired watchmaking skills, their brand of authentic but always affordable timepieces was born.As the owner of such a timepiece, you'll be proud to wear and show it as you go about your daily life. To allow it to stand out in a range of different environments, or for specific occasions, Briston has also created a trio of superb NATO watch straps.

Each is of the quality you would expect and at a price that is always affordable. They have been carefully crafted using the proven match of nylon and stainless steel. Each is a generous 280mm in length and 20mm in width, allowing for the perfectly comfortable feel you would expect on your wrist. These straps are water resistant. Depending on your own Briston, the color loops and buckle will be polished steel, rose or yellow gold. These superb Briston NATO straps are available in a trio of superb colors. You might choose a single one to constantly wear, or prefer the options offered by all three to help match your watch to any occasion. The good news is that each strap is fully interchangeable and it takes only a few seconds to complete the transformation.

Offering a trio of superb color possibilities

Your color choice might be a cool jet black; the perfect choice for more formal events or business appointments. Subtle taupe might be your preference when you are on vacation or out and about in the countryside. Your final choice offers the warmth of a rich burgundy; another terrific possibility for those special nights out. Whether choosing a single NATO strap option or preferring the flexibility offered by the trio, you'll still appreciate the quality provided for the value offered. These straps match so well with our selection of luxurious Briston Clubmaster watches. Here at Statement Timepieces, we deliver a never changing commitment to provide you with a choice from the best of the world's watches. These Briston NATO straps offer the modern look you'd expect matched with the traditional comfort you'd demand when wearing your Briston watch on your wrist.