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Armand Nicolet Watches for Women

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About Armand Nicolet Timepieces for Women

Women's Armand Nicolet watches are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and the facility, named after its founder Armand Nicolet, was established in 1875. It was expected that the company would become a family business, but after the death of Armand, his son Willy, who inherited the company, sold the company to an Italian business mogul, Rolando Braga. Braga, who owned a watchmaking company in Italy, was an experienced watchmaker. A few years after acquiring the Armand Nicolet watches, Braga closed all his workshops located in Italy and relocated to Switzerland to concentrate on the Armand Nicolet brand, helping to make the brand the luxurious company it is today. Women’s Armand Nicolet watches are popular among watch enthusiasts due to their effortlessly stylish look. Wearing an Armand Nicolet watch can be a great way to instantly elevate an outfit or provide the perfect finishing touch to a fashionable look. Their high-quality and timeless beauty has earned them a reputation for being an aesthetically perfect and functionally brilliant watch.

Major features of Armand Nicolet ladies’ watches

Armand Nicolet watches are prestigious, and the majority of designs have quality, diamond decorative elements. The diamond settings are put in place to make the watches are both fashionable jewelry and functional timepieces. The opulence of the watches makes them very suitable to be bought as gifts for important occasions, such as anniversaries, valentines day, birthdays or any other celebration. Armand Nicolet watches are available in various different colors, which ensures each individual can find the perfect color watch to suit their specific taste. They have a stainless steel case with serval decoration variations such as sapphire, pearls or just plain steel with diamond settings. The watches can come with a setting of one of four diamond cuts variations. The diamond cuts variations are of VS-SI quality, color grade F-G and they have a total of 0.04 carats. Armand Nicolet watches are complete with quality, luxurious straps. All the straps have a functional deployment buckle made of stainless steel. All women’s Armand Nicolet watches are water resistant, ensuring the wearer has total peace of mind whilst wearing the watch. Armand Nicolet watches predominately use elegant, quartz movement ETA 251.272.