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Armand Nicolet Watches for Men

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About Armand Nicolet Timepieces for Men

The first watch from this beloved brand was designed in the year 1875 in Tramelan, Switzerland by Armand Nicolet, who founded the company and named it after himself. In the year 1902, Armand Nicolet produced a pocket watch with a single button to facilitate chronographic functions. Equipped with a complete calendar and enamel dial, this model became a huge success. Armand died in 1939 and his son Willy took over the business, making it the most productive watch design and manufacturing company in the region. In 1987, Willy sold the company to an Italian entrepreneur, Mr Rolando Braga, who has extensive experience in the watch industry and introduced Italian touches and finishes to Armand watches. Today, the watches are made in Switzerland but are designed in Italy, making them uniquely influenced by two nations.

Outstanding features

Men’s Armand Nicolet watches make up the bulk of the collection, although the company also makes unisex and ladies' watches. Having been founded and owned by men, all these watches carry a sense of masculinity within their design, making them a strong, sophisticated choice of accessory. Armand watches are made with sapphire glass, which is slightly domed, offering a subtle bulging effect. Made from stainless steel and a black ceramic bezel, they give off a rich, luxurious feel that's smooth to touch.

Another common feature shared by the men's collection is their large size, with the average watch sporting a diameter of 45mm. This makes them all the more striking and noticeable while still maintaining an air of gracefulness thanks to their tasteful and subdued colors. These watches are not just stylish, however, and are also highly functional. The Armand Nicolet collection is topped off with water resistance technology for ultimate longevity. The watches are designed to withstand water pressure up to 1000 ft below the surface, making them an ideal choice for deep sea divers. Many designs in the collection also feature a guilloche dial with luminous indexes and hands for use in the dark. The features of the Men’s Armand watches give them a distinct aura of class, making them a worthy addition to black tie events as well as everyday life. Watches can really pull together any outfit, whatever the occasion. A well-crafted designer watch can help you achieve the standout look of your dreams, with Armand Nicolet being a favourite amongst stylish men across the globe.