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Make a Statement: The SevenFriday P1 Series

Posted on April 01 2019

Make a Statement: The SevenFriday P1 Series

First impressions always stick. A look, a smell, even a handshake can make or break someone’s initial perception of who you are, so what if that handshake was connected to a timepiece that no one could forget? If you’re wearing the SevenFriday P1 Model from Statement Timepieces, you can be sure you’ll be remembered.

Overview of the SevenFriday P1 Series

The SevenFriday P1 Model draws inspiration from the industrial essence with straightforward intent and a lot of attention paid to finishing. The design focus of the P1 is described as "impressive mechanical display of visual complications" and "the interface transporting the power of the engine to the surface,” which is obvious from the face of the timepiece that shows not only the time, but also the inner workings of the timepiece, giving the owner and those who would admire it what they came for and so much more.


Features of SevenFriday P1 Model

Six layers of silver, rhodium, and black disc groovings are offset with matte, brushed and circular treatment, and oil black finishing with the SevenFriday logo above the 12-hour mark. For the viewer’s pleasure, the face features black ring and shiny white numbers and tracks sandblasted in rhodium & gun metal. Adding to its industrial inspiration, the piece is water resistant to rain and splashes and suitable for short periods of recreational swimming, and the industrial look is not lost as the variety of specs are engraved on the case back, including the case dimensions, strap width, water resistance, movement information, and serial number, just in case the luxury of the watch is deceptive to its functionality.


Class and elegance should never be held mutually exclusive to functionality. With the SevenFriday P1 Model, the industrial build and making a statement coming together seamlessly and are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who would admire them.